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Mars by MaxGrow is 10% Humic Acid

For crops, humic and fulvic acids are chelators. They combine minerals to make them into organic compounds that can be ingested by plants more easily. They also enable the soil to hold more water and can increase the water infiltration of the soil. Additionally, humic and fulvic acids restrict toxins present in the soil, reducing the amount of harmful substances that reach the crop’s roots.Humates come from a variety of sources, such as shale, coal and mudstone. Different sources and processing procedures yield widely varied humate fertilizer products.

Humic acid comes in a few different forms. You can apply dry humic acid powder to your soil, or you can dissolve it in water and deliver it to your crops through watering. You can also purchase liquid humic acid, dilute it, then deliver it to your crops via watering.

* The application of humic acid as a plant fertilizer has many benefits for crops, food quality and holds the key to a sustainable future for farmers.

  • When added to the soil as a plant fertilizer, humic acid binds and chelates cations, unlocking the bioavailability and aiding the plant’s uptake of nutrients. Crops have greater access to the trace minerals in the soil. The same mechanism serves to ‘lock up’ harmful toxins and metals.
  • The addition of humic acid liquid fertilizer increases the amount of organic matter in the soil. This helps to improve the soil structure, balance PH levels, and protect crops against harmful toxins and metals. Greater oxygen levels also improve soil biology.
  • Humic acid helps soil to retain water, preventing runoff and encouraging retention through stronger soil structure. Crops require less water, and are also more able to uptake useful nutrients through the roots.
    • Humic acid plant fertilizers improve the strength and resilience of your crops to pests and disease, without the need for chemicals which further weaken them in the long run.
  • Ultimately, the application of humic acid plant fertilizers increases crop yields and food quality, and restores the long term health of your soil.
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