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MaxFul by MaxGrow is 42% potash

Potassium is essential in nearly all processes needed to sustain plant growth and reproduction. Plants deficient in potassium are less resistant to drought, excess water, and high and low temperatures. They are also less resistant to pests, diseases and nematode attacks. Because potassium improves the overall health of growing plants and helps them fight against disease, it is known as the “quality” nutrient. Potassium affects quality factors such as size, shape, color and vigor of the seed or grain, and improves the fiber quality of cotton.
Potassium increases crop yields because it:
Increases root growth and improves drought tolerance
Builds cellulose and reduces lodging
Activates at least 60 enzymes involved in growth
Aids in photosynthesis and food formation
Helps translocate sugars and starches
Produces grains rich in starch
Increases protein content of plants
Maintains turgor, reduces water loss and wilting
Helps retard the spread of crop diseases and nematodes.
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