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Monark by MaxGrow is N.P.K 8:8:6

The nutrients that are required by crops in the largest amounts are N, P and K. For that reason, they are often considered as the most important nutrients.
The main functions of N and P are that they are constituents of proteins and nucleic acids, which are important components of plant tissue. K is the only nutrient that is not a constituent of organic plant compounds, but is mainly of importance in the regulation of processes in the plant, such as osmosis and enzyme activities. K is generally playing an important role for the quality of harvested plant products.
For the optimal growth of crops, sufficient amounts of nutrients should be available in the root zone of the crops. Those nutrients can be partly supplied by the soil and should be partly added with organic manures and fertilizers. Soils will contain different amounts of available nutrients, depending of the parent material (e.g. sand, clay, peat), and differences in the management history such as preceding crops, management of crop residues and use of manure and fertilizers in the past. Also differences in climatic conditions may alter the available nutrients. For that reason, it is of importance for farmers to know the NPK content of their soil, so that they know how much N, P and/or K they should add with organic or mineral fertilizers, to optimize crop growth, production and yield.
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