Sulfosulfuron is an active ingredient from the sulfonylurea family of herbicides that can be used as a pre-emergent or post-emergent form of control on invasive weeds. It was originally created to protect against stubborn weeds growing around crops.

The active ingredient is both selective and systemic and can be readily absorbed through foliage and roots of the treated plant and can travel through the entire plant system. In its original form, Sulfosulfuron is a white powder that does not mix well with water which is why it is mixed with synergists and complementary chemicals to make it so it mixes better in water.

Some of the troublesome weeds Sulfosulfuron can treat included purple nutsedge, pigweed, and bindweed, among others.

How Does Sulfosulfuron Work?

Sulfosulfuron’s mode of action involves interfering with the acetolactate synthase enzyme in targeted plants. This leads to essential amino acids being blocked from developing, which quickly slows cell division and total plant growth.

Benefits of Sulfosulfuron

Sulfosulfuron has some advantages over other herbicides because of its persistence when applied in the soil. It is also selective so you can apply it to treatment areas without fear of desired plants being affected by the active ingredient.

Sulfosulfuron is best used to treat annual and perennial grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds on residential or commercial turf sites.

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